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Rahul Gandhi tweets after the interview

29, Jan 2014 By notaniitian

Rahul: It wasn't me
“It wasn’t me”

After the super unpopular interview this is was Rahul Gandhi had all to say in a 160 constrained tweet. Though his Facebook page reported what he actually meant in more details which definitely makes us think was it really him. Here is the post from Rahul’s Facebook page.

Guys OK do you seriously believe it was me ? Where is your reasoning gone? Can’t you imagine this was a duplicate to kill this Rahul Gandhi name (Agree he was smarter than me in most ways)?

Please see my reasoning and you will agree with me. It as obvious as those inference and reasoning questions in MBA exams I was never good at.

1) You guys very well know Me and my Mother cannot talk without a piece of paper .That guy wasn’t fluent though he was still managing without a paper. 2) How can I lie about empowerment of people as the motive of my party? The motto of my part is empowerment of Gandhi , Vadras and the associates, I can’t even empower myself dude, he wasn’t knowing what Rahul Gandhi is LOL . 3) My reasoning to Modi being accused for Gujarat: People saw it –That can’t be an argument of a sane person? Ok I know I am not very sane but that’s a childish reply even a five year will not give such an argument. 4) Regardless of any position in congress we will punish the corrupt person: Oh boy come on do you really think I can punish Ashok Chavan, Vadra is my Bro man!! 5) That guy accepted some congressmen were involved in 1984 riots: Can I go against my own party on TV? I try that at my home and mom always scolds me . 6) That guy said women are sacred to go out in open: Well our party makes sure women can enjoy the pleasure of rape, haven’t we proved now and again in Delhi. 7) We brought RTI for the country: Oops I would have never said that point isn’t it obvious the next question will be RTI on political parties from where congress gets it money, mom has given me a good base never to speak of it. 8) We passed Lokpal : ROFL had we been so willing to pass it we would have actually not created the menace of AAP , definitely biggest mistake of my party and to make one more we gave support to AAP . 9) He said I report to Prime Minister: I would have said me and prime mister report to my Mom. 10) Why join hands with Lalu : Alliance is with Party not Lalu this is decided by party leaders Lalu has spent his time and now is as pure as Mandela , Even after being a VP I am actually not a party leader let’s just accept that. 11) Accusation of Inflation: Women empowerment (Oh I love this word) are we talking of rates of call girls ? That guy was seriously dumb even I know after my fake Cambridge degree and the Harvard degree that inflation here meant commodity how on earth is women empowerment related. I am smart, am I not? 12) I was a born Politician regardless of I was born as Gandhi or not, unfairness boils my blood: I am not a politician even after being in the richest political background of the world and you say I would have been one without Gandhi name , that’s the best ever compliment I ever got. Thanks 13) I am ready for a debate with Modi : I pee in my pants every night thinking just about Kejriwal forget Modi level.

I think the above reasoning is enough , Hence proved it wasn’t me 🙂

I will give my brief answers assuming I was in the interview and guys I know this might get Congress people running behind my ass but my dumb mind can’t take it more.

Competing with Modi ? I have no chance I can’t even think of facing him, I have been in politics for 10 years, this guy Kejriwal came and rocked Sheila in matter of months. Where is my chance against Modi ?

Why I never spoke on 2G, Coalgate and other scams: I was given some hot candies (you know right what that means) by Mom, that’s the truth . We will never change the way we do politics not in my lifetime, that stupid guy kept talking about that.

And I wouldn’t have been able to answer more questions as they wouldn’t have allowed me more than two breaks for using the restroom where I would have planned to read my chits.

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