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Rahul Gandhi traced, was found selling tea in streets

19, Mar 2015 By crazycolumnist

After weeks of suspense, the whereabouts of Rahul Gandhi has been traced, ending the media speculation of him holidaying in Andes to cooling off in Siberia.

Tea seller
Rahul Gandhi wants to beat the ‘chaiwala’ challenge

He has been spotted selling tea in a stadium near Kottayam Railway Station in Kerala.

When contacted, though he tried to avoid the media glare initially, he disclosed his identity and admitted that he has been wandering across the country disguising as a tea vendor in trains.

He also divulged that his new avatar of tea vendor has been chosen after going through a lot of thought process.

With this new role, he will be able to master the techniques of his political rival conquering the hearts of the people and eventually made him the most influential political person of the country.

He has extended his leave as it was taking more time for him to polish his skills as a tea vendor than he originally expected.

He has expressed confidence that One Day, he will be able to rise to the expectation of his mother and this vacation project will enable him to win at least his daily bread, even if he could not step into the shoes of his father, grand ma or great grandpa.