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Rahul Gandhi to woo Indian women, will empower all TV serials' bahu, beti, maa and bahan

17, Feb 2014 By nithallabanda

After having  a disappointing  and inferior response from Indian public in his rallies  and a fear of a destructive hurricane making its way towards India’s centre of power – Delhi via Gujarat, named NaMo by an international committee of the World Meteorological Organization  (or BJP), Rahul Gandhi  will try to woo the Indian women by using TV characters as his weapon.

Mission empowerment
Mission empowerment

In a short and rather private chit chat ( koi TV interview nahi tha like with  Arnab Goswami   ) with Pappu Patolia , an intern -reporter  from Faking News ( Bechara Intern –Lag gayi) rahul gandhi revealed his next  moves.

RaGA said, “I am told by my newly appointed PR team that my rallies are not making a good impression on public , and only people from congress members families  and tent house labours were present during my last rallies. Also my road shows were  bit of less crowded  (actually police could not be able to jam the traffic on the roads in the name of my security reasons).”

Further giving details RaGa said, “A member of PR agency , an IIM turned IITian gave me an excellent idea about targeting a new segment of Indian voters that has been left untouched till now- Indian women who watch daily soaps daily.”

“According to him as I use  empowering women , RTI, DADI PAPA, as my front-line battle machines in interview and talk, it is now time to empower the daily soap’s Bahu Beti MaaBahan (ek kardi),  so that women can relate my ideas with theirs. He has also suggested me some of top time killing tv shows like Balika Vadhu, Sathiya , Sasural Siamr ka, Diya aur Bati Hum , and Ye rista kya Kahlata hai to experiment upon.”

This yojna will be called Sonia Gandhi’s 5 bahuyen  (daughterin law) yojna and justifying  his stand RaGa said, “We have to empower all the bahus from serials to make a place in common indian  woman.”

Describing his Yojna RaGA said, “We are planing to empower the 5 bahus from these TV serials.”

1. Balika vadhu – Anandi, as she has suffered so much. Why Jagya can have all these love proposals from 5 girls and counting? For this reason we brought RTI, someone should use RTI to question  serial writer about this.

2. Sathiya: We brought RTI, we will ask mota bhabhi (kokila ben )  that why is she harassing her younger bahu (Rashi) and blind support the elder bahu (Gopi bahu ). I believe Modi is behind all this.

3. Sasural Simar ka– Ch***yapa Dunia Bhar Ka, we have to empower all  women from Bhardwaj Pariwar.

4. Ye rista kya kahlata hai- It’s more like Mummy-Manmohan relationship, you know “it’s complicated”.

5. Diya aur Bati Hum– Our beloved Sandhya Binani (bau) is getting empowered in her IPS training, ” we brought IPS.

After a small 2 hours additional chat on Chhota Bheem and suggesting that he will epower Chhota Bheem also, interview concluded.

Accusing NaMo and BJP for their state governments promoting  Indian serials (all serials having story of Rajasthan, Gujarat)  RaGA again emphasized on women empowerment for 108th time.

After submitting the interview transcript, our intern had a rough week at Faking news as informed by our HR grievance team, and is now missing for last 4 days. We, at Faking News, believe that after having a traumatizing experience with RaGa, he may have gone to Himalayas.