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Rahul Gandhi to visit Kathmandu to assist rescue operation

28, Apr 2015 By Dr. Navin

Sensing the opportunity available in developing PR, congress vice-president Mr. Rahul Gandhi has decided to contribute in massive rescue operation headed by Government of India in earthquake hit Kathmandu. Nepal Government, facing a tough time after 7.9 intensity tremor, has welcomed the Rahul Gandhi decision. In India too, intellectual community has wholeheartedly praised Rahul Gandhi’s decision mentioning its first time any congress president or vice president has decided to visit any troubled area before the conditions turned normal.

Rahul’s decision to contribute in rescue operations has not come as surprise for many in the country as Mr. Gandhi has already worked as labour in bharatpur Rajashthan in 2009 and his experience of carrying weight on his shoulder will definitely help in rescue operation. Also he has shown and talked of his stamina during his recent Kedarnath temple visit, making him most suitable for the job as he can tirelessly carry dumps whole day.

Energetic Rahul Gandhi Rushing to Rescue Nepal Earthquake Victims
Energetic Rahul Gandhi Rushing to Rescue Nepal Earthquake Victims

Congress leadership has gone gaga over Rahul ji’s decision. Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh praising the decision said, “it is an answer to communal forces who blamed his Kedarnath visit for this natural calamity and Rahul ji is committed to fight against these forces”. Reacting on the development, delighted Sanjay Jha said, “The stamina and the experience Rahul Ji has in carrying soil on his shoulder and climbing mountains, he will certainly displace more debris than a JCB in a day”. Praising Mr. Gandhi, Sanjay Jha added, “his presence in Kathmandu will certainly boost morale of congress workers here in India and this is dynamic leadership of Mr. Rahul Gandhi”. Praising Mr. Gandhi general secretary Rajiv Shukla said, “Rahul ji visit will certainly turn the situation in Kathmandu to normal. The coordination with other workers and other qualities that he possess, that’s something treasure in itself”!

Reacting to the Rahul ji decision AAP convenor and Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal in a tweet said Rahul ji is visiting on behalf of all secular forces and carrying good wishes from Mamta ji, Lalu Prasad ji, Nitish ji and Mulayam singh ji, despite Nepal being a Hindu Rashtra. He added he and AAP were available for help if asked for. Visibly emotional AAP leader Ashutosh sincerely apologized to people of Nepal for this natural calamity and said, “CM Kejriwal would have visited Ktahmandu if not suffering from cough and traumatic depression given by Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. Humein maaf kar dena Nepal waasion!”, ended Ashutosh giving a final teary touch and rubbing his wet eyes.

RJD chief Lalu Prasad responding on the issue said, “when Baba Ramdev can initiate an aid operation despite being a Yoga teacher why should Rahul ji not do ‘SHRAMDAN’ in kathmandu. It is the RSS behind Baba Ramdev’s narrow escape from the crisis on the day”. Criticizing the Government of India and PM shri Narendra Modi he continued, “Nepal being a Hindu Rastra all the government machinery along with the army are deployed to please RSS. Instead, the expenses occurred due to Operation Maitri could easily been used for scholarship for minorities”.

JD U chief Sharad Yadav who is lobbying for a respectable position in United Janta Pariwar said, “Earthquake keeps coming and I’ve such a vast parliamentary experience”. He also cursed house decision of donating one month salary by the MPs as he is not in government for such a long time and could barely afford costly old age peels.