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Rahul Gandhi to Visit FTII again, this time to support Gajendra Chouhan

04, Aug 2015 By राजदीप सरदर्द दे साई

As Rahul Gandhi is turning out to be a messiah for all people in distress, he has decided to visit FTII again. This time to lend his support to troubled FTII chief Mr. Gajandra Chouhan. When asked about how come he supports Mr. Gajendra Chouhan after he had joined FTII student’s protest against Mr. Chouhan, Rahul Gandhi told Faking news :” Dekho Bhaiya.. I am there to support everyone who is facing problem under Modi ji’s rule.

Its my new strategy. Support both the Party. Those anti Modi as well as Pro Modi. This is an ensured vote bank.
Its my new strategy. Support both the Party. Those anti Modi as well as Pro Modi. This is an ensured vote bank.

After visiting FTII, I realized how badly Mr. Modi has treated Mr. Gajendra Chouhan. He has made his life hell by making him FTII chief. You can’t take Modi’s favor or compliments on face-value. Look at my case, I used to feel happy when he used to call me Shehzada. How can anyone know the being called a Prince is not a compliment but a joke? I got the joke when I heard him calling Diggi uncle as Diggi Raja. I was sure that no one on plant earth can praise Diggi uncle, he must be making fun of me too. I think he is doing the same with Mr. Chouhan what he did with Advani ji by appointing him as Marg Darshak of BJP. That is why I am here to support him.”

When asked if supporting both sides make any sense and shows his party in poor light, Mr. Gandhi explained; “Dekho bhaiya.. Me supporting both students and Mr. Chouhan is perfectly okay and is consistent with me and my party’s policies. Remember I used to visit Dalit’s home in UP to support them and at the same time we used to support Neta ji’s socialist/ communist government in UP. Here I feel that Mr. Gajendra Chouhan is being treated like Dalit of Bollywood with no Bollywood actor supporting him. So it’s kind of a Déjà vu while supporting a Dalit and a communist mob at the same time”.

Explaining further what actually triggered his repeat visit to FTII, Gandhi scion told; “Mr. Chauhan fondly known as Yudhishthira had called me on phone asking for my support and addressed me as his younger brother ‘Chhota Bheem’. After that I felt like my Superhero and decided to support him unconditionally. It was so refreshing to get compliments from someone apart from Sanjay Jha, Diggi Uncle and Mummy. “