Sunday, 22nd April, 2018

Rahul Gandhi to visit a RSS Shakha next

04, May 2015 By dhumchick

After meeting farmers and middle class flat buyers, Rahul Gandhi has set his sights on meeting RSS volunteers. FN caught up with him as he was catching up with a Path Sanchalan by RSS volunteers. Hence this short interview.

A lot of people have claimed that you don’t even know what RSS is. Would you like to respond to them? They were right till some time back. First I thought it was Rahul Seva Samiti. Then I thought it referred to the RSS feed of Modi ji’s blog. But when Google announced that they will shut down Google Reader since RSS was no longer popular, I was confused. I checked with Digvijay Singh ji and then I came to know what it really was (Chuckles).
But why a RSS shakha? The land bill by the Modil government is going to affect them too. They conduct their Shakhas in open grounds. Tomorrow Modi ji will come and take that land away. What will they do then?
And why would they even listen to you? Because politics is everywhere. It’s in their lathis, their belts, their shorts and their entire uniform. Politics touches everything.
Thanks Rahul. My pleasure.