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Rahul Gandhi to undergo 3 week secondment to UP assembly to learn house disruption tactics

11, Aug 2014 By viveks

Congress party’s talent development program has recently revealed that will be sending Rahul Gandhi and few other leaders to UP assembly to undergo a short hands on training on house disruption. It is known that the program is offered by entire political class of UP and had trained people before too.

Rahul Gandhi
Showing signs already?

L Rajagopal, who had undergone this program before mentioned that the pepper spray he had used in Parliament last year, was a tactic taught to him in the course and is the only reason anybody knows him now.

Digvijay singh who is an honorary professor at the institute and often takes classes on subject of illogical statement making, said that Congress lacks the ruckus creating acumen amongst its parliamentarians as majority of the them are in opposition for the first time. They need a basic training in shouting slogans, staging a walkout and throwing items in parliament, must haves for any opposition party.

UP assembly had perfected the art of house disruption over the years, be it mike throwing incident or breaking furniture of assembly, they have been the pioneer of everything and could be regarded as at cutting edge of disruption. Another congress leader on the condition of anonymity mentioned that Rahul baba has to take up charge as he is young and hence has a lot of years of parliament disruption in front of it.

Everybody in political circles indeed thinks that for the purpose of disruption learning, Rahul Gandhi would be in safe hands in UP assembly , mentored by very best in the business. Do watch out for disruptive and angry Rahul baba in future.