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Rahul Gandhi to take public opinion poll on his prime ministerial candidature

18, Dec 2013 By Rakesh Venkiteramanan

New Delhi: In a landmark move initiated in line with his commitment to change the work ways of his party and replicate an AAP style of working, the congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi has decided to take a public opinion poll on whether he should be the prime-ministerial face of his party in 2014 or not.

Good luck.
Good luck.

Citizens can now pull out their mobile phones and simply SMS “PAPPU PASS” or “PAPPU FAIL” to indicate their preference on the matter of the Gandhi scion’s prime-ministerial candidature, while a blank SMS shall be counted in favour of Dr. Manmohan Singh.

This has created a lot of excitement not only within the rank and file of the congress party, but in the party’s senior leadership too. A visibly enthusiastic Digvijaya singh said, “After the election debacle, when Rahul said that we will take a leaf out of AAP’s book and that he will correct the party’s functioning in ways the common man can’t even imagine, as usual no one took us seriously. Now Rahul is leading from the front by setting an example with this and this goes out to all our critics!”

On asked about what steps would be adopted if there is a tie in votes or low participation, he remarked that he expects it to be resolved in Rahul’s favour.

Meanwhile, the AAP camp has strongly opposed such outright replication of their innovative ways of working, with Arvind Kejriwal terming this a ‘Jokepoll’ and Kumar Vishwas coming out strongly in his support. Mr. Vishwas feels that this will not give Rahul any advantage whatsoever in the Lok Sabha poll clash against him and is confident that he can draw a larger audience for his kavi sammelans than Rahul’s rallies can.

Rahul Gandhi however has categorically dismissed AAP’s allegations that copy-pasting their style amounts to taking the “broom in Congress’ hands” and emphasized that the Congress party has an identity of its own and doesn’t even need a broomstick from anyone’s broom.

He refused to make any further comments on the identity and said that the opinion poll was only the first in a slew of unimaginable game-changers that are on the anvil for a total transformation, as part of his long-term vision for the party. He refused to elaborate on the vision and added that the sacrifices made by his dadi and daddy should not be forgotten by the people while preparing to SMS.

Flashing his dimpled smile, he signed off by saying, “Don’t forget the format to vote for me. It is ‘PAPPU PASS’.”

The toll-free number to which the SMS has to be sent is yet to be declared and is expected to be announced by Sonia Gandhi at an opportune moment.