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Rahul Gandhi to sue opinion pollsters

10, Dec 2013 By pongapandit

In a somewhat expected move Congress vice-president Shri Rahulji Gandhiji announced that his party has decided to sue opinion pollsters which forecasted more seats for congress in the recently concluded state elections.

Rahul Gandhi
No one will be spared.

He said, “125 year old Congress party has been arguing for long that opinion polls are not at all scientific, and the current election results proves our point more strongly than ever. Most of the opinion polls forecasted more seats for us than we actually got so we demand that either the opinion poll conducting agencies return our seats back or otherwise get ready to bear the brunt of CBI and courts”.

While Mr Gandhi didn’t reveal who their lawyer would be he did mention that they are trying to rope in ex-BJP member and senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani.

In order to impress Mr Gandhi when one of the reporters told him that his channel did forecast lesser seats for congress party Mr Gandhi snapped back and said its a state of your mind and in fact you are a Modi agent.

Meanwhile, many congressmen showered praises on Mr Gandhi stating that he has taken an exceptionally brave move against malpractices like opinion polls that are prevailing in our society and hailed him as a gen-next leader who has a crystal clear vision and isn’t afraid of opinion-poll mafia.

Although reporters were very keen to have I&B minister Manish Tewari’s opinion but he was unavailable for any comments since Sunday morning.