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Rahul Gandhi to start wearing muffler

07, Jan 2014 By shekharlele

After promising the nation to connect with the masses in a way not imagined before, Rahul Gandhi has decided to shed his neta look and start wearing muffler to look more like a aam aadmi.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul’s reply to AAP’s cap.

Giving more details on the development, the Congress Vice President mentioned that the response of the masses to Congress supernatural development efforts of 9 years was as cold as the weather of Delhi.

Mango people seem to be giving  a lot of credit and attention to people roaming around in mufflers. So by adopting this new look, he would brave the cold weather while visiting Dalit houses for lunch as well as connect with the masses simultaneously.

Whenever compounded with questions on corruption of UPA Government and cases like Adharsh and scam by Himachal Pradesh CM, he would simply cover his entire face with the muffler and talk something which no one can understand. Manish Tewari would then proudly declare that Rahul has spoken strongly against corruption ( of his own party) and congratulate him for his outstanding leadership qualities.

Digvijay Singh has hailed this double attack strategy of the youth icon while PM Manmohan Singh has added that Rahul has proven that he has outstanding credentials to fight multiple problems at one go. Shashi Tharoor was busy tweeting, “Killing two birds (parties) with one stone.” Milind Deora had already described the benefits of wearing mufflers a few days back.

Our reporter then suggested that Rahul should also change his mode of transport to metro railways. To this, Digvijay Singh commented that the youth icon would travel once in Mumbai metro, while it is undergoing trial runs.

Asked whether he should opt for a smaller house, Singh ruled it out saying that the PM lives in a house bigger than Rahul and Madamji’s house even though they…. ( cut short his sentence) and thus leads a modest life like aam aadmi .

Rahul has even asked Congress MLAs to travel in wagon-R to Vidhan Sabha instead of huge cars as their number was sufficient to be fitted in the aam aadmi car.

“Rahul Baba is truly on course to fulfill his pre-poll promise of connecting with the masses in a way not imagined before. Just a changeover to new muffler look is sufficient for him to become a complete aam admin err…aadmi,” he added with great joy.