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Rahul Gandhi to star in Taare Zameen Par - II

19, Feb 2013 By Peace Lover

The current political scene in the biggest democracy is a tad too confusing. Amidst growing clamor for NaMo’s ascension to the top job (in the worst bureaucracy by the way), the mango man of the nation does realize that the contest is evenly split between NaMo and the Yuuvraaj.

Despite all the harking back to the self-proclaimed successful development model and use of technology by the former, the latter manages to outmanoeuvre all this just by his surname. So the balance is restored to the political see-saw and the common man remains perplexed as ever, wondering if he would remain rudderless in the near future.

But all this is to end soon, very soon indeed, for the dynastic political heir has struck gold in form of a master plan.

Taare Zameen Par
Poster of the upcoming blockbuster

To negate all the positive effects that the rival candidate may have over common man, the Grand Old Party has devised a master strategy courtesy of the tormentor of the common man’s ears and mentor of the Yuuvraaj, none other than His Highness King of BSing D.Singh.

In what seems to be the masterstroke to tempt the common man and to make him  poignantly understand the invaluable values THE YOUNG TURK possesses such as unassuming, modesty, shyness, below the room temperature IQ, difficulty in understanding complex political scenarios, inability to extemporize, inability to deliver a speech without reciting it for months and yet read verbatim, inability to rabble rouse for that matter, etc the party is coming up with a documentary or rather a movie which would showcase all these qualities in a deft manner starting from his childhood and all this without hurting any sentiments.

Blatantly copying  from the Bollywood flick, this movie will be released just days before the voting process gets underway next year. No prizes for guessing who will be playing which characters, but yes the Director is none other than SRK and producer (Oh!! Cmmon who will produce this guy’s movie?) K Jo only.

Commenting upon his first outing as a director, SRK commented, “Aamir, the #2 in the Bollywood by the way, did a good job in the first part. But I will take up from here and I will show how it’s done. I have loads of talent in terms of  the Yuuvraaj to whom I think the role of a dyslexic kid should come naturally given his academic backgrounds while D. Singh would be the mentor. I mean its simple as that. Copy the real life and paste it onto reel life. I am waiting to sweep IIFA awards this time. Ha!! I am so good. I just love myself and K Jo.”

The movie will also feature a guest appearance in a song, “Tujhe sab pata hai naa meri maa” from (Yes you guessed it right folks!!) the de facto PM of the nation.

Already the media pundits have started airing their prognostications regarding the political mileage derivable from such seemingly inane moves. However commenting upon the developments the original director Aamir Khan said, “Lets see if SRK manages the Golden Kela Awards. Anyways not much of difference between GKA and IIFA? So if he is the King, then I am the Ace!!”

On a sidenote, the producer also intends to sell merchandise before the movie’s release. Like T shirts with tagline “Baba for PM”. Besides, the movie posters with be distributed free with every monthly edition of Champak magazine.

Also, adults will be encouraged to give up booze and start “Rasna” drinks. Students will be encouraged to give up any physical sports and indulge in playing “Super Mario” and “Ludo”. The exclusive rights for the premiere were bought by Pogo TV after a keenly contested bidding round.