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Rahul Gandhi to quit Congress and join AAP to fight against corruption

16, Jan 2014 By rvijaykumar87

Following many luminaries from the civil society who are queuing up to join AAP, Rahul Gandhi announced today that he will be resigning from all positions in the Indian National Congress to join the Aam Aadmi Party in order to fight the pervading corruption in the country.

Justifying his decision, he said that he was becoming increasingly frustrated with the corruption at various levels of the government.

The dramatic announcement came in the middle of a press conference by Congress spokesperson Ajay Maken. He was refuting claims of corruption by the UPA government, when he suddenly received a phone call from the boss. A few minutes later, Rahul Gandhi walked in to the room sporting his trademark stubble and rolled-up sleeves. When asked if he stands by the clean chits given by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to A. Raja and Suresh Kalmadi, Mr. Gandhi described the clean chits as nonsense. “If you want my opinion, I think they should be torn up and thrown away.” Blaming the UPA government for the corruption, Rahul Gandhi promised to work in the AAP “to change things in ways you cannot even imagine right now.” He also challenged the Congress to put up any candidate against him.

Public reaction to this development has been mixed. Twitter was abuzz with confused AAP supporters tweeting in support of Rahul Gandhi, only to delete their tweets a few hours later. Internet hindus were seen sharing conspiracy theories about AAP being the B-team for the Congress. The electronic media reported this news with the usual loud, high-pitched meaningless debates. Arnab Goswami demanded on behalf of the whole nation why Mr. Gandhi had remained silent for the last 10 years. Known Gandhi family loyalist Mani Shankar Aiyar was seen on TV defending the decison by Rahul Gandhi as “a truly secular move, and in the best interest of stopping the communal forces from taking over the country.” He further contended that “Rajiv Gandhi was the first congress leader to quit the congress to tackle the issue of corruption in the 80’s itself.”

Arvind Kejriwal announced that AAP will be holding mohalla sabhas all over the country to decide whether to accept Rahul Gandhi into the party. Mr Kejriwal said, “Anyone is welcome to join our party and our movement against the system. We will be going directly to the people to find out if they want Rahul Gandhi in the party and if he should be given a ticket to contest in the 2014 elections”.

AAP leader Kumar Vishwas had announced that he would contest against Rahul Gandhi in the general elections. The fate of that battle is unknown right now. BJP spokespersons refused to comment on record. However, sources close to top brass mentioned that the BJP is secretly happy about the development as they now have to fight only one party instead of two.