Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Rahul Gandhi to lead 90% of India, the group identified as idiots by Justice Katju

28, Dec 2012 By Gaurav Mittal

The political scenario in India these days is really hot and the results of Gujarat elections have only added more fuel to the fire. The results were a huge setback for Congress which has taken it very seriously as next elections at center are not that far.

We have learned from our sources that there were a series of secret meetings to come up with a strategy for next elections at center. Rahul Gandhi, who himself was a strategy consultant at the recently declared bankrupt consulting firm Monitor was part of all these strategic meetings. Taking cues from justice Katju recent comment that at least 90% of Indians are idiots, it was agreed upon that a different strategy is required to deal with this 90% of India. It is likely that Rahul Gandhi will lead the party in 90% of India.

It is also learned from sources that Rahul Gandhi is preparing a list of candidates who will play a major role in this 90% of India. No price for guessing it right that Shri Digvijay Singh is right on top of that list.

We know that our readers don’t have short memories as readers of conventional media has but still we would like to remind them that no long before Rahul Gandhi had said that there are two India’s. Also, Congress leaders have been saying for long that Rahul Gandhi will soon assume an important responsibility in Indian politics.

Similarly, Prime Minister has been requesting him to join cabinet for very long. Now if we try to connect all these threads, we will find that it is possible that Rahul Gandhi has finally decided to assume a big role in one of the two India’s and that happen to be the 90% of India according to Justice Katju’s definition.

In the last 60 years of India’s Independence, politicians have always promised to eradicate poverty and provide electricity, water, food and shelter to everyone in India. Forget about having access to basic needs, people have got bored listening to the same promise again and again. Perhaps, for the first time we may see politicians promising people that they will work to shift people from the 90% idiot group to 10% non-idiot group.