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Rahul Gandhi to launch "Politics for dummies" book

28, Aug 2013 By pakya1283

 New Delhi. In a press conference held later today, Digvijay Singh announced that “future” PM of India “Rahul Baba” is going to launch the much awaited “Politics for Dummies” book. The world popular dummies series after making its mark in the academics world is starting its innings in politics section.

Earlier our trustworthy sources told that Dr. Manmohan Singh was to launch this book, preferably because of the “dummy” word in the series. But Digvijay singh has come out openly to support Rahul Gandhi for the launch.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi stressing the importance of dummies at the launch party.

“We need young and energetic people to represent our party who can lead India to achieve higher feats” clarified Digvijay Singh. The answer puzzled most of the press members if “young” meant 44 and “energetic” meant making the largest number of foreign trips within a short span.

Rahul gandhi was away on a foreign trip but graced his presence through video conferencing following Modi’s model.

“I thank the publishers that they have chosen me as the role model to lead this book. Politics for dummies is a great book and i have learnt a lot from this,” he stated.

The publishers were not present at the event to make any comment. “I have added some of my vast knowledge to this book” added Digvijay Singh. “Three of my chapters are titled ‘Healthy criticism’, ‘Hiding scams’ & ‘Controlling CBI’ respectively.”

P Chidambaram who is out of the spotlight nowadays was seen siting in the visitor’s gallery to increase the number of common people from 1 to 2.

Later in the evening Rahul baba wrote in his blog “The book will be provided to every “jhuggi “member where i stay”. An eBook version is also being launched thanks to Amazon kindle who whole heartedly accepted his request. “Around 10 million copies are being published which will be provided to every party worker. Within a year the second edited version will be brought following the developments congress make in Scam, RTI respectively.