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Rahul Gandhi to go on Roadies journey to be prepared for the elections

14, Mar 2014 By modernengineer

That Rahul Gandhi is nicknamed Pappu in the world of Social Media is no joke. But if sources are to be taken jokingly, then we might find Rahul Gandhi as a wild card contestant on the ongoing Roadies X1 Journey.

It is believed that Rahul Gandhi or RaGa as congress like to nickname him after NaMo, has apparently been so annoyed with people calling him Pappu and not believing in him that he has gone ahead and decided to go on Roadies Journey this year to prove himself. Apparently he has also auditioned for it and was rejected from the Ahmedabad auditions because of which the whole Ahmedabad auditions were cancelled and held in Mumbai.

Rahul Gandhi
“Challenge accepted”

Reportedly Raghu and RaGa got into a sort of argument when Raghu kept asking him why he wanted to come in Roadies to which RaGa replied that he wanted to empower women through Education, Food Bill and RTI.

This angered Raghu who changed the topic by saying why he auditioned from Ahmedabad to which Rahul Gandhi replied that he didn’t want Kejriwal to interrupt his audition in Delhi or any other place and since Ahmedabad is Modi’s playground and Rahul is reportedly not afraid of Modi and also it is the only place where Kejriwal can be detained from going anywhere he likes, he chose Ahmedabad.

However after much grilling when Raghu and Ranvijay informed RaGa that he could not come in Roadies Journey this year, the venue of auditions suddenly turned into battlefield with anonymous and mysterious people coming in and wrecking havoc breaking cameras and manhandling the crew. 

Still, after so many days and endless arguments with the channel by an Italian lady, the channel has decided to allow Rahul as a Wild Card contestant in the journey so as to make Rahul stronger and better equipped to face the upcoming elections. However we have no report as to when and how RaGa is to make an entry and whether the episodes after that will be aired or not. Stay tuned for more