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Rahul Gandhi to get Nobel Prize for literature, becomes only second politician after Winston Churchill to win this award

09, Feb 2014 By shikshit ganwar™

In a press conference today, Nobel Prize committee announced Rahul Gandhi as the next winner for Nobel Prize in literature. Rahul Gandhi becomes only the second well known politician to get the prestigious award, after British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was awarded this prize in 1953.

Rahul Gandhi

According to the Nobel Prize website, Churchill was given this award for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values”.

Rahul Gandhi is being given this award “for his brilliant oratory in bringing out the big social issues to fore- like changing the system, RTI, empowering the women and youth; and making them well known to everyone by repeating them tirelessly”, Nobel committee spokesperson announced, he also added that “Churchill’s award was an influence behind considering Rahul Gandhi for this award; but Obama’s award is a bigger influence because in today’s world talking is more important that walking-the-talking.”.

When it was asked that Rahul Gandhi had not created any literature yet and even what he spoke is written by others, mostly. The spokesperson replied, “But a lot of literature is created indirectly because of him. Whenever he gives a speech or an interview; a huge body of writing is created through newspapers, news channels and social media.” He specially mentioned the heavy literature created on his recent interview with Arnab Goswami. He also added that, “because of this indirect literature, entire world has become aware of these social issues”.

NDTV reporter Barkha Bahar, who looked joyously tearful, asked, “If that is the case then other Congress politicians like Digvijay Singh and Sanjay Jha are also deserving to be the joint winners; these guys are Rahul Ji’s mentor, at least they should be given a mention. The response was that,” indirect literature is created when Rahul Gandhi speaks, when these guys speak then only short, few-line jokes are created; so they could not be considered for the awards.”

Digvijay Singh, when contacted, declared it as a defeat of communal forces. He also said that Rahul Baba deserves to be the president of the United Nations. When our source reminded him that there was no such post at United Nations, he responded that it was only because of RSS conspiracy and such a post should be created.

AAP called a press conference and announced that Delhi government is initiating an inquiry into this matter. They said that, “this sounds very fishy and it is possible that the money siphoned-off during Commonwealth games was used to influence Nobel Prize committee jury members. After all, where else all the money could have gone, Kalmadi was enjoying only free meals in jail.”

Few BJP workers in Mumbai vowed to launch a protest against this. They are planning to travel to Stockholm to organize a protest there. BJP   leader Apna Hi Rag Thakur, who had earlier vowed (but later bowed under the pressure from senior BJP leaders) to launch a protest to ban Madras Cafe, said “It is a conspiracy to increase the stature of Rahul Gandhi just before the elections, we will not let this happen”.