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Rahul Gandhi to endorse a product from Baba NakamDev promising 'Leadership Skill Development'

01, May 2015 By nhs4you

New Delhi. Pharmaceutical division of Baba NakamDev has announced a product called ‘Leader-Dev. As per company’s spokesperson this product promises the ‘Leadership Skill Development’. Company spoke person has also announced their brand ambassador is Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

During a press conference, journalist questions credibility of this product. Company in turn replied that we have successfully tasted this product and result is in front of you. They have revealed that our brand ambassador Mr. Rahul Gandhi was on this product while he was away for almost 2 months. Company claims that all these recent efforts from Mr. Rahul Gandhi is a direct result of their product.

Meanwhile, Opposition members in Rajya Sabha on Thursday sought a ban on this product, calling the product illegal and unconstitutional, the opposition members sought strict action against the manufacturers.