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Rahul Gandhi to debut in Bollywood in Chak De India sequel

28, Jan 2014 By amitbaweja

Mumbai. In one of the biggest developments post his candid chat with Arnab Goswami, Rahul Gandhi has been offered a lead role in the sequel of 2007 hit Chak De India produced by Yashraj Films. The news is yet to be made official but our reporter managed to get the confirmation right from the horse’s mouth. “Better late than never”, an unseemingly smiling Aditya Chopra chuckled while confirming the news.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi learning something about sports

“We’ve been thinking that if sequels like Dhoom 3 can earn 400 crores, then we should focus only on franchisee model. The penning of the script was on since quite sometime, and it promises to be the best sequel ever made.”

Probing further, Aditya Chopra also confirmed that the movie will be based on Indian Women Cricket team this time who Rahul will coach and will win World Cup to be held in Switzerland. When reminding that Swiss don’t play cricket, Aditya stressed that it’s a Yashraj film and would be shot in Swiss Alps, period.

Also, the movie named “Chakachak De India: Right to Information in Sports” would retain its basic flavor regarding coaching & sports of the original along with the ideologies of congress party. Though he didn’t confirm the character name as he had to leave getting his mustache dyed but names like “Rahim Khan” & “Surdas Khan” are doing the rounds. The news has further gained momentum after Rahul Gandhi was seen with the God of Cricket himself taking tips on technical aspects of the game.

Our reporter from Amethi where Rahul is campaigning for General Elections got hold of him in an old woman’s house who was treating him ber after tasting herself. “Rahul mera beta hai,” she said repeatedly. Excerpts from the interview: Q: Mr.Gandhi, is it true that you’re considering an offer to act in Chak De India’s sequel? A: That’s not the issue here. The real issue is how to empower women, we need to get youngsters in politics, we passed the RTI act, blah blah.

Q: Sir, we have seen Raj Babbar, Shatrughan Sinha, etc. to enter politics after films, but haven’t seen a politician entering films. Do you think that’s the correct decision? A: You see, the most lethal weapon to fight corruption is RTI act, and Congress passed it. We believe in democracy, and women need to be empowered. We will make sure all the women are empowered.

(At this point, the old lady gave Rahul her blessings and furiously shouted,”Congress party ek soch hai, Ye soch hamare dil mein hai.”

Q: Sir last question, what if you win and become PM, then also you’ll act? A: ………………………. And he looked towards Kapil Sibbal, who started laughing profusely on this question, and everyone in the room followed.

Meanwhile, while Sanjay Jha has stressed that coaching Indian Women Cricket team is a big step in Women Empowerment and bringing youth in the decision making steps, Narendra Modi has rubbished the claims citing it as one more meek attempt of Sonia Gandhi as a mother to save son’s career. As per reports last coming in, after a disastrous interview and now this news coming in, Arnab Goswami is planning to start a new film critics section on the Newshour.

Kumar Vishwas, on the other hand, recited a poem for this situation during one of the rallies in Amethi this morning:

“Koi shehzaada kehta hai koi pagal samajhta hai Magar Arnab ki bechaini ko bas Rahul samajhta hai Ye election hone kaise hain ye picture honi kaisi hai Ye mera dil samajhta hai ya tera dil samajhta hai.”