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Rahul Gandhi to bring Hindi to English dictionary in Parliament

14, Jun 2014 By sidsal1991

After the first speech of PM Narendra Modi in loksabha today, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has decided to bring a Hindi to English dictionary everytime he attends a session.

Our sources have told us that the only Hindi TV series he had seen before is Chhota Bheem and the only “Novels” he read were the comics of Nagraj, Doga and Super Commando Dhruv. However after listening to some of the typical Hindi words like “Antyodaya” “Samprabhuta” etc. he was in a state of shock as he never knew such words existed in Hindi language.

After a prolong discussion with his Hindi tutor Digvijay Singh, Mr. Gandhi has come up with a terrific idea of carrying a dictionary before every session.

Moreover after hearing about this news, the official broadcaster of loksabha session “Loksabha TV” has decided to place cameras near his desk in order to know the truth of this recent development.

More updates on this news will be available as the session progresses.