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Rahul Gandhi to become 'Chaiwala' in Delhi trains, confides in an exclusive interview

10, Dec 2013 By iamgreat

New delhi: After humiliating losses in four states on 8thDecember , Rahul Gandhi has said in a shocking interview to high pitched Arnab goswami that he will quit the congress VP post as it is no longer profitable and turn to selling ‘chai’ in delhi trains. Here are some excerpts

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul waving goodbye to everyone

Arnab Gosawami(AG): (thundering)Your reaction on state assembly results?

Rahul Gandhi(RG):(mumbles)I expected even less..Diggy(Digvijay singh) is prepaing reaction from last one week what he has been doing,huh….

AG:(Thunders again) Cant hear you Shehzade ?

RG: Our reaction will be given soon on twitter…

AG:What reasons do you see for the failure?

RG: I have to ask from my Mom..(pin drop silence)

AG :What is your future plan?

RG: I want to become ‘chaiwala’…

AG:(fainting).. Why such unexpected decision of turning to ‘chaiwala’ from ‘shehzada’?

RG: congress has no future for next 20-30 years so it will be difficult to earn livelihood for so long so it is high time that I learn to do something on my own though I am still young to take decision without help of my mom…..

AG: what about political career..

RG: Namo was a chai wala in his young age and he is going to be next PM so do I hope of same(keeping fingers crossed) when I become of his age

AG: (shrills)What kind of logic is that..???

RG: Look logic and I don’t go hand in hand.. My secret agent Diggy has given me a confidential report that Namo is still selling free chai to people and that is why people are voting him and not for his work, there is no development in Gujarat.

AG: on lighter note , how many tea he plan to sell daily?

RG: more than the seats we got in delhi.

AG: what about Kejriwal?

RG: he has not done anything…there is something mysterious in his broom, it seem to be a magical broom of a witch..something like that,huh

AG: What about your plans for marriage?

RG: Look nobody is giving their daughters to me and after this performance in states, for next 20 yrs i am not getting anyone  I am still young , I am only 23 more than 20..I want to make my political career first than  i will see.

AG: looks like you will die unmarried …okk..Thank you so much, hope to see you being grilled by me on Newshour debate someday

RG: That day will never come..I have never taken part in any debate from my school days.