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Rahul Gandhi to attend kavi sammelans at engineering colleges; writes first poem

13, Dec 2013 By thepelicanclub

Keeping up with his promise to change the party in ways you cannot even imagine, Rahul Gandhi has announced the launch of his poetry career. The move is seen as a preemptive measure to tackle Kumar Vishwas’ potential contest against Rahul Gandhi in upcoming general election.

Rahul Gandhi
Ki arz kiya hai

Following the policy of “attack is the best form of defence”, Mr. Gandhi has booked all cultural programs in engineering colleges all the way till June 2014. Learning from past experiences of people leaving the election rallies without letting him speak, Congress leadership has tied up with all the IT majors for joint campus placement cum kavi sammelan event where only student that sit through Mr. Gandhi’s recital will be given enrollment slips for the placement process.

The tried and tested booze incentive to retain the budding engineers had to be abondoned due to looming election code of conduct.

In preparation of the mega poetry tour, Mr. Gandhi has already penned his first poem under the mentorship of greatest English language poet today – Shri Kapil Sibbal that runs as follows:

Koi shahzada kehta hai, koi pappu samjhta hai

Meri secular baichani ko bas Diggi samajhta hai

Twitter aur Facebook pe ye bezzati kaisi hai

Ye bas mera dil samajhta hai ya Kapil samajhta hai