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Rahul Gandhi to act in a Bollywood movie

05, May 2015 By sarilla

While everyone in India was wondering about where Rahul Gandhi had gone for his sabbatical, Central Intelligence Agency of United States has stumbled upon a dark secret when they found that Rahul was attending a dance school in Switzerland.

Sources say Sonia Gandhi had sent him to acquire dancing and acting skills so that he can act in Bollywood. It seems the entire Congress party is on the verge of overtaking Bollywood.

It is believed that Rahul Gandhi will play Shahrukh in ‘its the time to disco’ song of ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ movie. Asked why the Congress was hell bent upon destroying the image of the movie, Sonia gandhi said, “Kal Ho Na Ho represents the true situation of the party which is on the verge of disappearing from the political scene.”

She also pointed out that Indians were movie buffs, and the only way to prevent them from forgetting the party was by acting in Bollywood movies.

Bollywood seems to be upset about this trend. Anupam Kher criticised Sonia Gandhi saying that she had no right to push Rahul Gandhi down people’s throat like this.

Rahul Gandhi in his interview to Burkha Dutt mentioned that he always wanted to be an actor but his mommy pushed him into politics. Rahul said that according to his mom there was no difference between acting and politics since both involved acting, but politics is acting in real life without make up and songs. Rahul was finally happy to have some make up and songs.

After this decision by the high command, Congress party has decided to introduce songs in political life of its candidates to make its presence felt among the masses. With Salman Khurshid entering the fray there is no looking back for the congress actors in our Indian polity.

After the failure of Congress in the recent general elections, Sonia Gandhi too has decided to join an acting school so that she can act well during political  campaigning. Other congress members followed the suit. Reports are that Sonia Gandhi will appear in the remake of bollywood song “bheegi si bhaagi si” from Rajneeti movie to make people remember Rajiv Gandhi.

While our country is facing criminalisation of politics we are now going to face a new phenomenon called “bollywoodisation of politics”.

In order to counter Congress moves, BJP is planning to launch Indian version of Hollywood movie ‘Air Force One’ in which Narendra Modi will be seen playing a badass Prime Minister of India who fights terrorists on a flying plane.