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Rahul Gandhi: The Indian Batman

15, Jun 2014 By Aftab Rai

New Delhi: While digging at Janpath, Akbar Road, archaeologists have found a century old diary. After performing a lot research work, they all agreed on the fact that it was Rahul Gandhi’s personal diary.

Here is an excerpt from the diary:

The election is over. Our party has lost the elections. At last I succeeded in my secret mission of saving India (Gotham). I was very much disturbed by the scams of UPA. I decided to put an end to Coal-Gate, 2G scam, defense deal scam etc. I could not oppose it in open as I was Shejada. So I and my undercover partner Diggi uncle (Robin) decided to save India by ruining my as well as Congress’ image. Media and even mummy thought that the statements by Diggi uncle were instantaneous, but those all were preplanned, those were small steps towards the big mission.

Rahul Digvijay
Real heroes

He also coined some rape story to (de)fame my image though it did not spread well. ‘Poverty is a state of mind’, ‘Gujrat ko doodh diya he to in mahilao ne diya h’ were milestones of my journey. I owe Diggi uncle for such game changing script. In the last months of election preparations, I discovered that my mysterious smile was also performing its part towards the big mission. I never married just because I want to keep these all things top secret. I know my sacrifice may not be recognized in near future but it will prove to be cornerstone to build corruption free and developed India.