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Rahul Gandhi teaches filmi songs to scared candidates to form UPA 3

30, Mar 2014 By indianspice

The war room at 10 Janpath is certainly buzzing with excitement and ideas. The depression and gloom which had happened after top candidates chickened out is over.

Yes Rahul gandhi Ji has got another brainwave. A brainwave bigger than the Jupiter ejection velocity theory! A brainwave which is the mother of all brainwaves because mother Sonia ji has approved and backed it 100%!

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul in action.

In the war room, Rahul ji addresses Maken, Digvijay and Ambika Soni, his finger passionately pointing at Chidambaran, Manish tewari, Amarinder SIngh and Narendar Rawat.

Behind him is a 20 piece orchestra with Shankar, Ehsan and Loy all ready to conduct.

“Rahul ji” Ambika Soni says, “This idea is bigger than the India is a Beehive… you have won us over!”

Rahul Gandhi gives a full dimpled smile and gestures at Narendar Rawat, ” Come on … go back to Vadodara and fight  Modi… and now sing…”

A hesitant, stupefied Narendra Rawat walks up and stutters, “Jab darr lage toh gaana gaa… gaana gaa…”

Rahul conducts. And Shankar Ehsan Loy begin the music orchestra full blast.. and a confident Narendra rawat starts dancing and singing,  ” Jab darr lage toh gaana gaa.. aisa gaa,,, waisa gaa…   jab darr lage toh gaana gaa… “

Then Rawat goes in a breakdance, ” Modi aaye toh gaana gaa… gaa… gaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!”

Rahul Smiles. Ajay Maken gives a Thumbs up and Digvijay ji joins the dance.

When Rawat departs, Rahul Gandhi gestures at  Bulky Amarinder SIngh, ” Show me Sardarji how you will battle Jaitley and Badal in Amritsar…”

Amrindner SIngh starts a bhangra jig Sidhu style and sings,

“Sidhu gone… Amrinder born…

people love sidhuism.. i will shove in Amrinderisms…

ho ho ho… ha ha ha!  ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa!”

Rahul ji is delighted. Another seat is now sealed in quest for 200 for Congress! He waves at Manish Tewari. ” And you Mr Tewari… a tiger on TV and a mouse in real life? Show me how you will win? “

Manish Tewari smiles confidently and runs in wearing Mithun Chakravarty styled white — but a lawyer’s dress.

” I am a disco dancer … zindagi mera gaana..

This song has given me courage to fight from Ludhianaaa…!”

These very words send a wave of applause in 10 Janpath. Sonia G comes out a pats her son and beams all around. “The Rahul magic is working… he is a true son of his father… a true grandson and true great grand son!”

Rahul beams like a tube light!  He turns towards the star performer,  Palaniappan Chidambaram! And in walks our handsome erudite finance Minister… with a bagfull of paper aeroplanes. ” These are Enforcement directorate notices which I will make fly in various corners of India…” He announces

“Chidu bhai!” Rahul says forcefully, ” You were our PM for UPA 3… but ever since Nandan came in you have run away.”

Chidambaram who is dressed like like Jalal Agha in SHolay picks up the mandolin and sings ,

” Not scared am I…

I have a plan

To send a ED notice

and for Congress get an al-ly !”

Now he has the attention of the entire Congress war room. Chidambaran picks up the musical instrument and starts dancing  SHOLAY style while Rahul signals the orchestra to start playing

ooo Huuuuu  oooooooooo huuuuu

” Mehbooba Mehbooba… mehbooba mehbooba

UPA 3 tab banti hai

Jab ED notice jaate hai

oooooooooooooooooo  !

As Chidambaran dances there is love, pleasure and truimph all over in the Congress war room. Yes UPA 3 will surely be formed!!