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Rahul Gandhi takes Book Reading Challenge, Champak not among his top 10 books

10, Nov 2014 By khurafati108

Using the power of RTI some one asked #Rahul_Gandhi to reveal top ten books he has read. To everyone’s shock Champak was not one of the top ten favorite books  of Gandhi. The list as follows :-

1.The Scam Trilogy : 2G ,CWG , Jijaji  UPA II Publications

2. The Mystery of the Black Hole Coal , PMO Office Ltd.

3. Indian Politics : From Vote Bank to Swiss Bank ,since 1947

4. Youth Empowerment,Haseena Kabaab,Yuva soch se judi ek yuva Congress karyakarta

5. ChaCha 420 , Shri Shri Digvijay Singh

6. Harry Potter  Peter Pettigrew and Prisoners of IIT , Shri Peter Pettigrew

7. 103 Percent Point Someone , Myself  PM in Making,

8.How to get a degree from Harvard in 20 Days , For Dummies

9.Speech is silver ,Silence is gold ,  anonymous PM of India

Last but not the least

10.  Cracking the coding  Arnab Interview  Mr Sanjay Jha , Congress spokeman

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