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Rahul Gandhi spotted as Santa Claus

25, Dec 2013 By Gaurav Mittal

New Delhi. Once again Rahul Gandhi has surprised everyone by his method to connect with people of India. This time he adopted the avatar of Santa Claus on the eve of Christmas to meet children in a slum on the bank of river Yamuna in Delhi.

Rahul Gandhi wanted to distribute gifts to poor children but on seeing him children started screaming and ran away. There was a complete chaos and disorder for nearly 2 hours. He could not understand why the children ran away from him? It was similar to the voters who ran away from congress in recent assembly elections.

Rahul Gandhi as Santa Claus
The Secret Santa

Naresh, an auto rickshaw driver who lives in the slum explained the situation, “Actually children got scared on seeing Rahul Gandhi as Santa Claus because children here have no knowledge of Christmas and the concept of Santa Claus because we never go to shopping malls. They thought it is some ghost from nearby Yamuna river. So they did not take any gifts from him and ran away”.

Later congress workers calmed down the situation and explained to slum dwellers the concept of Christmas and Santa Claus. After which children were made to stand in line and gifts were distributed. The gifts included a Physics book by I.E. Irodov through which one can easily calculate the escape velocity of every planet in solar system including Jupiter. Another prominent item in the gifts was a book about Rajiv Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi is well known for doing crazy and unconventional things in order to connect to people of India. But probably the people of India fail to understand that. For example, when he was explaining the Jupiter’s escape velocity to a crowd sometime back during a rally, the crowd gave him puzzled looks. This time also people of India failed to understand him and mistook him as some ghost instead of Santa Claus.

Although the event did not go the way it was thought to be but it is to be noted that Rahul was dressed perfectly as Santa Claus. We came to know from our sources that Rahul Gandhi got all the white cotton for make-up from Suhel Seth’s head while eyebrows and beard were borrowed from Prime minister Manmohan Singh.

We could not get a response from Rahul Gandhi or his personal assistant. However,  Digvijay Singh sent us this unsolicited sms, “Rahul Gandhi is our Santa Claus and will save congress party from all problems. Merry Christmas!”