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Rahul Gandhi set to carve new states that are tentatively named MIND

07, Aug 2013 By saraschandra

While the entire nation had witnessed how the drama unfolded in the announcement for the formation of India’s twenty-ninth state, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is all set to unveil his plans of creating new states tentatively categorized by the name ‘MIND’.

MIND, if reports are to be believed, is the abbreviated form for Mental INDIA that consists of poor populace who will be trained to overcome the mental block of being poor. According to Mr.Gandhi,this initiative might well be the master stroke in the UPA’s strategy towards alleviating Poverty in India.

Meanwhile, including Dr. Manmohan Singh were left baffled at the idea thinking, how they could miss such a simple logic which could even make the Lorenz Curve sit up straight. Applauding Mr.Gandhi’s innovation, AICC General Secretary Mr.Digvijay Singh went on to say,”Rahul baba’s model of growth could simply belittle the Gujarat Model of development and the new states will set an example in terms overcoming a certain state of mind in being poor”.

Angered at Mr.Gandhi’s mockery of the state of affairs among the poor, the aam admi of India writes to Arnab Goswami asking ,”what the heck is this new model of growth all about?”. Commenting on Mr.Gandhi’s statements, Modi quoted that he identified and relocated fifteen thousand Gujarati’s already back to Gujarat.