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Rahul Gandhi seeks steep rise in the price of tomatoes

03, Dec 2013 By vinish

During the latest public gathering in Delhi, people had gathered to listen to Rahul Gandhi & Sheila Dikshit. However, just before Rahul Gandhi spoke, a big flock of people started exiting the venue.  Sheila Dikshit took this chance to blame that the people leaving the venue were BJP supporters.

However, Rahul Gandhi employed a detective agency (guessed to be Tarun Tejpal’s Tehelka) to uncover the truth behind people leaving the venue.

Rahul Gandhi told the Sources to reveal to Faking News that all the people who left had gone to buy onions. Earlier during the speech Sheila Dikshit mentioned that she had done all what she can to reduce the prices of Onions. She also mentioned that she had started a new service in which small trucks will come around the city selling onions. Rahul further said that someone informed these people that a truck is standing right outside the gathering venue filled with big onions and the offer was valid till stock lasts.

Some sensible people wanted to really make use of the offer and went searching for the vendor.

Later one spokesperson from the group who had left told Faking News that they had in fact gone in search of rotten tomatoes. Hearing this Rahul Gandhi got scared and has called for an immediate Congress meeting to raise the cost of Tomatoes.

Prices of tomatoes in Delhi have been hiked from the current to Rs 100/- per kilo with immediate effect.

Rahul has also asked Congress volunteers to set up security screening (like Airports) for all his future public gatherings so that any person found possessing tomatoes could be caught, have their tomatoes snatched and as a punishment made to stand on these public gathering on the initial rows.

Since Rahul is having less people attend their gatherings it was a difficult choice to not have these people sent back home.

These people will also be given puzzle questions on what Rahul Gandhi meant in his speech.