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Rahul Gandhi says Modi is a better PM candidate that Manmohan, adds it is his personal opinion

28, Dec 2013 By zhootareportor

Rahul Gandhi has always believed in the famous saying honesty is the best policy. This gets amply clear when Sanjay Jha endorses this. In order to endorse his deep routed belief in honesty, he tore ordinance to negate the Supreme Court order on disqualifying convicted MPs and MLAs. He again repeated same kind of performance by expressing his views on Adarsh report. This was all fine and bearable for Congress supporters.

The frank and outspoke Rahul.
The frank and outspoke Rahul.

However heaven came falling on them when Rahul Gandhi went on say that Modi is a better candidate than Manmohan Singh for Prime Minister’s post. After this he immediately remarked that it was his personal opinion. Realising the potential damage that can be caused to the party in the forthcoming election, the entire party swung into action. First to react was Sanjay Jha. He said that the opinion expressed by Rahul Gandhi was extremely personal and as you all that Congress is a one man party. So whether this remark was party’s official stance or not can be easily concluded.

Digvijay Singh took no time in pooh-poohing the entire media and said that the media failed to get the right spirit of the statement made by his party head. He remarked that Rahul Gandhi feels that Manmohan is left with no new ideas and thus there is no harm in stealing some from Modi who has come to be identified with ,” What an idea Sirji”. Manish Tiwari looked confused and thought that what Rahul Gandhi meant by Modi was Russy Modi and not Narendra Modi.

After this remark some Congress workers met Sonia Gandhi asked her to clarify if she had asked Rahul to join some opposition party. They were always curious to know when will Rahul come out an opinion that Congress party has no relevance in his personal opinion and that is why he is joining another party.