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Rahul Gandhi says "He is future of big data"

27, Oct 2017 By vikas avnish

RaGa recently surprised Indian and World by his understanding of Big Data. “Data is not only oil/gold, Big Data will decide future of India”, the words of RaGa. He recently visited abroad and did an internship to shape the future of India with the implementation on big data. His first testing ground for Big Data will be the poll battle ground Gujarat. His close associates are doing decent emotional analysis of people and have prepared a series of hot topic and debate for YoY growth of Gujarat.

"Now let the data speak"
“Now let the data speak”

Now, he wants to rebalance the mistakes of the previous 10 years government achievements and wrongdoings. A big data academy started to train young comrades, so they could convince more voter per day . State improvement plans draft by RG teams is aimed at putting the state ahead of developed world in only 5 years in all human development dimension like education, finance ,health and corruption.

According to his big data analysis, 23% percent of the population are corrupted (behavioural defaults), 49% percent are corrupt when they are wealthy, 74% percent are corrupt when they are assigned absolute power and person with wealth and power are definitely corrupt (91% approx).

Therefore, they want to abolish corruption by removing powerful and wealthy people.

If you have any question regarding big data and politics, big data and poverty or Big data and Corruption, RaGa academy is perfect place to get started. Enroll today to be part of developmental politics where you can narrate mind of the people and plan their decadal growth.