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Rahul Gandhi replacing smiling budhdha as the new charming smile model in CJK countries

22, May 2014 By Fakerazzi

During the defeat parade of INC, Shri Rahul Gandhi unarmed everyone with his charming smile. No one had ever expected this. Political pundits are still trying to find some deep meaning in it. Sadly, most of them are now giving up. Seeing the imminent resignation of RG from public life, any chance for clarification is a bit far fetched.

Rahul Gandhi
Smiling even when he knows he is screwed.

Some energetic entrepreneurs see a silver lining in this though. They know that economic trends are moving towards far east and India has always been the favorite source of CJK countries for the inspirational stances.  CJK folks have all got at least one smiling budhdha in every corner of their rooms. Now, all of them are getting a little bored of these statues.

With all this in mind, these entrepreneurs have decided to promote Rahul Gandhi smile as the new undecipherable pose. It will be sold to Chinese men as the new way to do business even when chips are down. They will be asked to take inspiration from Rahul Gandhi and his oratory skill. Ekla chalo re will be their new mantra.

To promote this new business philosophy, Shri Rahul Gandhi has also agreed to do one whirlwind tour of CJK countries every year doing many public speaking engagements. “Rajiv Gandhi Yuva Muskuharat Sansthan” has agreed to send its youth delegation to support the young icon in this endeavor. This is also projected as new business venture of Shri Vadra. This will keep Mr. Gandhi warmed up till next election when he will have to go back to Amethi to ask for votes and to beat Mr. Modi finally.

Overall, its a blessing in disguise for everyone except if motherly instinct of Smt. Sonia Gandhi kicks in and she refuses to allow Rahul to leave country or decides to join along. That may put dampener in the mood of CJK youth considering her sanyasin style maun vrat for next 5 years.

Negotiations are also underway to put this photo alongside Monalisa in Louyre museum. We will report about it when confirmation is received from the Swiss art company of Shri Vadra.