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Rahul Gandhi replaces Uday Chopra in Dhoom-4

28, Dec 2013 By Anil Sharma

Mumbai: After the grand box-office success of Dhoom-3, Aditya Chopra has announced today that Congress’ vice-president Rahul Gandhi will play the role of Ali in Dhoom-4.

Rahul Gandhi
“Thanks YRF”

In all three Dhoom series film Ali’s character was played by Uday Chopra. But Uday Chopra recently announced his retirement from acting after his latest-release Dhoom-3.

“We needed someone like Uday Chopra to replace him for Dhoom-4 and we think there is only one person who is similar to Uday and that is Rahul Gandhi. We asked Rahul Gandhi to act in Dhoom-4 and he agreed. So, now Rahul Gandhi is ready to start his acting career with us,” YRF’s chairman Aditya Chopra told Faking News.

“Look, Uday and Rahul have lot of similarities. Both are very well-known for nothing but their last-name. Both falsely believe that talent is hereditary. Both are made presidents for God knows why. And this is exactly what we were looking for, by casting Rahul Gandhi we just want to make sure that we don’t miss Uday Chopra in the movie,” Aditya Chopra further added.

“And Ali’s character is quite suitable to Rahul Gandhi. Rahul is very fond of his mommy just like Ali. Rahul also talks a lot of crap but does nothing just like Ali. Also Rahul is die-hard secular so playing Ali is like a dream come true for him. That’s why after a serious research we’ve figured out that Rahul is the best choice for this role.” Aditya stated.

“Plus with Rahul Jee there is no date problem. Dhoom-4’s shooting will be started in coming November and at that time Rahul Jee will be totally free and jobless if the things keep going the way they are right now for Congress,” Aditya said grinning.

When asked about Rahul Gandhi’s acting capabilities Aditya Chopra said “He is trying to act smart since quite a few years now, we’re hopeful that it will come to him one day.”

On the other hand Rahul Gandhi is quite excited about the role he’s been offered.

According to our reliable sources Rahul has even started practicing for the role. Diggy is giving him warm-up piggy back rides every evening before his real bike-stunts training starts.

“Yes, he asked me to help so i am just doing my job. I’ve also suggested him that he should talk to the people of Fevicol and Nokia, they can surely help him with this connect people thingy,” Digvijay Singh told Faking News.