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Rahul Gandhi to replace Kapil Sharma in Punjab with ‘Rajiv Gandhi Mazak Banao Yojna’, hires Sidhu to laugh at his speeches

19, Jan 2017 By Lavkesh Singh

Amritsar, Punjab: Just before the awaited Punjab elections, Congress has hired Navjot Singh Sidhu to laugh at all rallies where star campaigner Rahul Gandhi delivers his speeches. This new program will be called ‘Rajiv Gandhi Mazak Banao Yojna’ which is likely to wipe off The Kapil Sharma Show from Punjab.

This masterstroke has caused the opposition to shiver with nervousness while congress are rejoicing their imminent victory.

"Can't handle two comedy show at the same time"
“This comedy show will have way more TRP than anyother layghter show till daye”

“Rahulji has the natural capability to make people laugh. Even when he delivers serious speeches, his charisma makes everyone roll on the floor. Since laughter is the best medicine, we will be curing Punjab of its drug problems by making everyone laugh. That is why we have hired Sidhu, so that people know that Rahulji is the best comedian, apart from the best youth leader.” Party spokesperson said

Commenting on his movement, Sidhu quoted, “Kapil Sharma has ceased to be funny for long. I have been laughing in his show even when the jokes were neither humorous nor sensible. I have decided to use my talent of laughing at Rahulji’s genuinely funny nonsense, helping in the upliftment of the unemployed youth of the country, starting with Rahul Baba.” On being asked about ideologies, Sidhu is said to have quoted such metaphors that no one understood and thus our reporter had to omit it.

Reacting to the groundbreaking development, the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) quoted. “Such dirty politics! We at SAD have continuously made the people of Punjab SAD. We will continue to do so. To counter us they brought Sidhu who will laugh and pretend to be Not-SAD. But we won’t allow him to laugh. We are SAD for a reason, and won’t allow anyone to be happy.

Kejriwal, however, exposed both the parties for their corrupt intentions. “The BJP and Congress are all the same. When my trolls began to conquer Twitter and Facebook, the Congress has planned a scam. They will make Sidhu laugh at Rahul, and will cheat people into believing that he is a better troll than me. In fact, this is clearly a dirty game plotted by Modi-ji. He is helping Congress. First he took no action against Vadra. Now he is helping Rahul Gandhi to find an alternative career in stand-up Comedy. This will ruin the life of Kapil and his gang. He even sent Sidhu from BJP to laugh and pretend that Rahul Gandhi’s allegations are funnier than mine. Told you….Sab mile huye hain ji!