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Rahul Gandhi redefines Maslow's Needs hierarchy

18, Sep 2013 By sanjaymohta

Needs Comparative Vertical

In a Press Conference today, Sh. Rahul Gandhi released a new Needs hierarchy model which redefines the decades old and very popular theory of the renowned thinker Mr. Abraham Maslow.

Mr. Gandhi has issued this in response to the Gujarat’s development model and said that he zeroed down on this as this was the first model he could find on Google.

All spokesperson of the Congress have been issued a whip to speak and tweet in support of the new model and declare it to be much better than Modi’s development model.

The faking news Correspondent, Sanjay Mohta has succeeded in securing a copy of the new needs hierarchy and it is replicated in this article for the readers’ reference. In line with the new hierarchy of needs, Congress working committee has decided to constitute a Scam Actualisation committee with Smt. Sonia Gandhi as its chairperson and Sh. Robert Vadra as its principal beneficiary.