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Rahul Gandhi proves he invented Pythagoras theorem

21, Apr 2015 By fekundity

There was much brouhaha about Rahul Gandhi’s abrupt disappearance from the political scene. With BJP, AAP and other parties poking fun at his timely disappearance, these parties are in for a jolt.

However, in the Kissan Rally, Rahul Gandhi decided to set right the equation with the current forces in power and reckoning.

“When I was away introspecting in isolation, I was accessing only RSS news feeds to keep my intensity burning. I saw that these Saffron folks not only were claiming legacy to Science, Astronomy, but also now to Math. What got my goat was Narendra Modi taking credit for the (a+b) square equation, when we all know that these were from the West of India,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi holding the hypotenuse
Rahul Gandhi holding the hypotenuse

“I decide to meditate on my enemies, something that I learnt from the book Su Su and the Art of Whoa,” he revealed.

“Then I saw in my vision that I was at loggerheads with a two point attack. At one point point A is AAP. At another point point B is BJP. Now since AAP claims are tall, they occupy the vertical angle, Since BJP is the proverbial Right Wing, it occupies the horizontal angle, needless to say. Since I am perennially Hyper and Tenuous in the political circle, and lean to my Momma, I am the Hyper-tenuos..err..hypotenuse…” Rahul explained the equation.

“That is where I derived my equation in my meditation in a flash… Where a square + b square = c square, i.e. AAP square + BJP square = Congress Square,” he explained the theorem.

“Now if you see, there are currently 544 MPs excluding the speaker in the LS… While in the next LS elections, I predict only 12 seats for AAP and 20 for BJP, I see myself fitting the equation perfectly with a total house sweep. 12 squared + 20 squared = 544.” He proved the theorem.

“Sanjay Jha will be my Speaker as he is today on TimesNow,” he announced.

“This equation clearly establishes my hereditary right to the parliament legacy in India. This has been the Congress Legacy and history. For short moments in time, these people will emerge and vanish. But we will be always the sum total of these parties. Mighty and Double.”

“I call this new equation the Pita’Go’grass theorem. Ok I admit to what Subramaniam Swamy chides me always about… I was smoking grass too when I got the theorem in my vision. Also PitaGoGrass Rhymes with Con’Gress No? I will unleash this new Math in the next rally. Presently Diggy uncle and Co are taking this new math lesson for farmers and prospective attendees for my next Rally.” Rahul Gandhi thundered.

Meanwhile the RSS is moving the IPR court in Geneva to stake claim for the same theorem. Thus Reason the RSS folk, Pita, Go’Grass are Hindu terms. Go’Grass is the grass meant for cows in Sanskrit and Pita means Father in Hindu a derivative of Pitr or the ancients. The IPR body is now confused whether to give an IPR decision for any Rhyme or Reason at all?