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Rahul Gandhi pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., says "I have an ice-cream" to Martin's "I have a dream"

31, Aug 2013 By Gaping Shutter

New Delhi: On the 28th of August, 1963, a man spoke the words which would prove to be instrumental in changing the future of his community and his country forever. The man was Martin Luther King Jr. and the words he spoke were “I have a dream”. Today, on the 50th anniversary of famous speech made on the steps of Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., Rahul Gandhi, the Vice President of Congress party decided to pay his tributes to the legend in his own words.

martin luther
Martin Luther’s reaction after Rahul’s statement

Mr. Gandhi, while conducting a session of the youth Congress here, made it a point to refer to Martin Luther in his speech which he thought would give an international flavour to the evening. Mr. Gandhi said, “in this era of globalization, where people don’t have boats, and the ones who do, don’t have tides, I had a boat, and I used it travel it to USA where I learnt about this black man who once said that he had a dream. Forget beehive, I think just like that, India is like an ice cream”, he continued, “and who doesn’t like ice cream? It comes in various colours and flavours, you can choose what you like and as the next generation of India, you all have a share in this ice cream and each and everyone of you can proudly say that “I have an ice-cream”,” after which the hall resounded with the encore of “I have an ice cream, I have an ice cream”.

The latest speech delivered by Mr. Gandhi has drawn rave reviews from within the party (something that will never be surprising) with many youth members of the party demanding that he be made the copywriter for all Government of India copies. Mr. Poorna Chutiya, 40, a youth member said, “Sri Rahulji Gandhi saab is a very intelligent man, that combined with his youth and charisma make for a lethal combo which nobody can challenge”.

Rahul Gandhi
The ever humble Rahul Gandhi after delivering yet another brilliant speech.

Another youth member, Mr. Mambo Italiano was particularly happy at how Mr. Gandhi had managed to rhyme “dream” with “ice-cream” without zilch of an effort. “He is just so charming, nothing that he doesn’t ever say does not have meaning, and which is never demeaning [pause], Oh my god even I have started rhyming!”

There were however not all praises for the Gandhi scion, with criticism flowing on the social media after his speech. Mr. C Bag, a prominent novelist tweeted, “Rahul Gandhi has raped Martin Luther King Jr,” starting a string of backlash from the Congress party. Mrs. Renuka Chaudhry said that people just need reasons to ride on someone else’s back for publicity, she said, “C Bag needs to bag it now, who is he anyways?”

Mr. Digvijay Singh, known to be the political (and maybe psychological too) guru of Mr. Gandhi said that people need to stop being so negative all the time and need to see the intentions behind the words, drawing a parallel to another famous quote that goes, “bhaavnao ko samjho, shabdon mein kaa rakha hai !” (go by the intentions, don’t get bogged by expression).