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Rahul Gandhi not to return back, says will oppose Ghar Wapsi

13, Apr 2015 By humor

New Delhi: It is reported that Rahul Gandhi has just now broadcasted a radio message from an undisclosed location stating that he has decided against coming back home, the reason being that he wants to show his oppose to Ghar Wapsi movement spearheaded allegedly by certain right wing groups.

Rahul Gandhi opposing his own 'GHAR WAPSI'
Rahul Gandhi opposing his own ‘GHAR WAPSI’

The message broadcasted by RaGa is reproduced as, ” During my ongoing sabbatical, I pondered greatly upon the purpose of my life. My ‘inner voice’ asked me that opposing hardliner right wing groups will be the calling of my life. As we all know that the right wingers are carrying out a campaign named Ghar Wapsi, henceforth my mission would be to oppose this campaign, consequently I have decided to never return back. I will never return back home and will hence oppose Ghar Waapsi.”

Following this statement a section of Congress workers are out on streets singing ‘O! Nadaan Parindey Ghar Aja‘, while there is a section of Congress who have given a sigh of relief on this statement of Rahul and now seeing some future of the Congress Party. Although common people are out on streets rejoicing that Rahul Gandhi will never return to active politics.

A person while talking to our correspondent said, “I am really glad that Rahul is not coming back at least we will get rid of one inefficient politician”. Although there is a section of common people who are sad on Rahul’s decision the reason being that they will miss all the laughter and humor that Rahul and his foolish interviews and statements gave them.