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"Rahul Gandhi never went outside India, was doing penance on foothills of Kedarnath"

04, May 2015 By manithan

Kedarnath: According to sources, Rahul Gandhi was reportedly doing penance on the foothills of Kedarnath for 56 days. And after finding solution to the problems looming around him, he had came back to Delhi via private flight.

A local Congress leader, on condition of anonymity revealed to us this shocking info, “There were rumors that Rahulji went to Italy, Spain, Thailand, etc. But, Rahulji was very well with us for those two months. He was doing penance for straight 56-days and suddenly he woke up on the day before his return from the meditation. He said to me that he felt a kind of calling from Shivji and that he will come back to pray him once he starts on his path to success. While he was here, he didn’t had any talks with local units or never touched food or water. He was sitting under a peepli tree here and kept on uttering ‘Namo’ continuously.”

Rahul Gandhi to continue the meditation daily, so that he can one day become PM of India, in his dream.
Rahul Gandhi to continue the meditation daily, so that he can one day become PM of India, in his dream.

The person who worked as cook to that special cottage setup for Rahul Gandhi spoke to us. He said, “All I can say is that Rahul baba was here for two months. I thought of preparing delicious dishes for him, but he wasn’t eating. On the day of departure, he came near to me and said ‘take care of your farm, Modi will snatch it away’, for which I replied that I’m a cook and not farmer. But he replied, ‘I know that. But you cook farm products right? So be careful.'”

An expert on Rahul Gandhi, confirmed these reports, “You guys should have read between the lines Rahulji spoke. He recently said in Punjab that Modi goes to foreign trips. How can a person who was allegedly in foreign nation say that Modi ‘went to foreign trip’. It means that Rahul was very well here in India. The biggest clue was his padhyatra to Kedarnath. Usually, people go on padhyatra, only if they had prayed for something and got it. Rahul was praying for his successful comeback and he got it, thanks to our media. Also, the supposedly leaked pictures of Rahul Gandhi in Uttarakhand were not fake.”

We tried to talk with Rahul Gandhi on this. While standing outside his residence, he suddenly came to us and told, “Be careful! Modi is trying to take fake news from you and give it to mainstream media.” and left the place. We hereby affirm that Rahul Gandhi is speaking sense and truth and we have decided to back him for 2019 Prime Ministry elections.