Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Rahul Gandhi mistankely votes for 'AAP' in Delhi Elections

04, Dec 2013 By tanuj92

In a very astonishing incident that took place at Aurangzeb Road, The Congress Vice President mistakenly voted for Aam Aadmi Party here at New Delhi Constituency. When asked about it Rahul clarified that I was here at the polling booth early morning standing in the queue to show ‘ i am aam aadmi “. With so many people in the queue , i was talking that we all r aam aadmi , we should empower the aam aadmi , everyone is aam aadmi …blah..blah..

When i reached the EVM machine , with  so many aam aadmi dialogues around , i mistakenly voted for aam aadmi party. But i want to say “EC people should understand that I wanted to vote for Congress so I would tear my previous vote and they should recast my vote as was  the ‘ ordinance that was torn by me ‘

I can tear anything……………… . with these last dialogues Rahul Gandhi was put out of the polling booth.