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Rahul Gandhi mistakes Faking News for real news, gets extremely confused

25, Jan 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul confused

In breaking news today, Rahul Gandhi happened to come across hundreds of Faking News articles as he indulged in his daily ritual of googling his own name. Apparently Mr. Gandhi was googling “Rahul Gandhi handsome” when he came across a huge batch of articles on Faking News that left him completely baffled.

“I had never known I had done so many things,” Mr. Gandhi said in an interview with this Faking News reporter. “I have read reports that had me doing things like distributing Viagra to Congress workers, winning Saanp Seedee when I played with Digvijayjee or using Inception to enter the minds of Indian people.”

When asked if he believed that he had actually done these things, Mr. Gandhi said, “I don’t know… If I begin thinking deeply, I must have. After all, Congress party ek soch hai.”

“ISS SOCH KO KAISE MITAOGE?!” he added, yelling inexplicably.