Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Rahul Gandhi meets Hardik Patel, congratulates for amazing cricket skills

25, Oct 2017 By AdityaSachan

As sources confirmed, Rahul Gandhi has met Hardik Patel in Gujarat. However official sources denied of any such meeting. But our top secret sources did confirm about their meeting and some conversations they heard.rahul-hardik647_102417060951

Rahul Gandhi- Welcome Hardik, I am big fan of your batting skills. Some interruptions by Rahul Gandhi’s assistant.

Hardik Patel- I am not batsmen. You got me confused.

Rahul Gandhi- Of course, you are a great bowler too. You are an all-rounder.

Hardik Patel- I am an aspiring politician. And I am trying to join politics.

Rahul Gandhi- Yes why not? Just like Politics, Cricket is also in our pants and shirts. By the way, why are you not wearing your team dress?

Hardik Patel stood and walked away.

Our top secret sources were thrown out of the premises. And official sources have denied of any such meeting and authenticity of this conversation.