Monday, 19th March, 2018

Rahul gandhi made huge impact on the new NDA government: Modi

29, May 2014 By Fakerazzi

Here is the proof of the same. We carefully went through the mechanism of Modi Government formation and tell tale impact cannot be overlooked. Especially the events after 16th May.

“Thank you Modi Ji”

Youth empowerment – Only young members have been made Ministers. All oldies have been shown the door.

RTI – Transparency will be the fulcrum of Modi government as promised. Information will be available even before it is asked.

Women Empowerment – 7 Women ministers where 2 are beauty queens.  A women was more prominent in the oath taking ceremony than the President himself.

Internet – Like RG, Modi is ardent believer in the power of Internet. Without RG bringing Internet to India, Modi could not have won.

Kurta – Modi shifted from half kurta to full sleeve kurta as soon as he became PM.

Bachelorhood – Like Rahul Gandhi, Modi is also bachelor. We will call him unofficial bachelor.

No LS experience – Both are almost at equal footing here.

Respect for Mother – Both do not take any major step without the mother’s blessings.

Beard – Modi also likes to keep beard like RG.