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Rahul Gandhi joins hands with Anurag Kashyap; #QuitBahen is the UP election campaign theme

26, Nov 2016 By bhasadeswar

New Delhi. Rahul Gandhi, who has been desperately attempting to revive himself, has brought in Arurag Kashyap as his UP election campaign media manager.

When our correspondent approached Arurag to get his reaction on this development; he not just confirmed the news but also shared the scandalous anecdote of how #QuitBahen was coined.

In a private party organized by Milind Deora; after trying some new weed (what Anurag calls “naya maal”); Anurag did some high-octane drama which Rahul Gandhi, who was also one of the invitees, could very much identify himself with. He was overwhelmed by Anurag’s energy and specially one phrase which Anurag uttered incessantly.

I wil focus on Woman Empowerment.
“#QuitBahen and #Woman Empowerment are going to be our main campaign during UP”, Rahul Gandhi explaining his strategy to Congress people.

In his History class last night; Digvijay Singh told Rahul Gandhi how the slogan- “Bharat Chhodo” (Quit India)- galvanized the entire nation. He knew that this similar phrase, uttered by Anurag, would reinvigorate the campaign and energise the cadre. Rahul Gandhi said, “This is the kind of hangover our country needs; issi haal mein andar ka revolutionary jagta hai…main bharatiyon se yahi to kehta hu.. dope is the only hope…see…he understands that if UP does not get rid of the Bahens; it will attain escape velocity to land up to a universe called – Nowhere!” Everyone clapped to acknowledge the one-liner.

As he heard the phrase for the first time; he asked Milind Deora to talk to Anurag Kashyap if congress could get copyright of this phrase. Milind Deora was quite taken aback and tried to convince Rahul Gandhi that the word could very easily be misunderstood (as it had been by RG in the first place) and be counter productive; however, Rahul Gandhi was quite convinced and adamant. Later Milind Deora told Anurag Kashyap that it was quite obvious that he would not understand as there was no concept of physics involved.

Anurag Kashyap agreed at a condition that congress would hire him as a media manager and let him be a part of #BringDownModi movement. Congress will pay him a monthly remuneration of 1 million in demonetised currency bills of 1000 which he can use in rolling his joints.

Anurag Kashyap also came up with ideas such as #QuitBahenTakeBhaiyya which Rahul Gandhi rejected citing his most-eligible-bachelor image among women. He felt that projecting him as bhaiyya would be an act of limiting the electorate’s imagination. He wants every woman of India to imagine him the way she wants to except #Pappu. He emphasised that this is the kind of initiatives we need to take for #WomenEmpowerment.

When the correspondent checked with Anurag Kashyap if he was comfortable being quoted; he said, “Saala kissi se darte hai kya #QuitBahen…keh ke lete hai hum.” He also asked his team to start a twitter handle #KehKeLenge and tag #NarendraModi to it.

People close to Rahul Gandhi feel that #QuitBahen is not targeting only Mayawati and Smriti Irani but also Priyanka Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi hopes #QuitBahen would convince everyone that Priyanka Gandhi is just a #StateOfMind.