Saturday, 17th March, 2018

Rahul Gandhi issues clarification for his borrowed jacket

09, Feb 2018 By samkit369

Twitter was abuzz with Rahul Gandhi’s picture where he is seen wearing an alleged Burberry Jacket (original for $995, duplicate copies for as cheap as Rs. 700). BJP didn’t waste a single minute the moment they got their hands on the picture. They immediately took pot shots at the newly elected INC President Shri Rahul Gandhi. People on Twitter were not left too behind. They all compared this image with the one where Rahul is seen wearing a torn Kurta.

Our reporter contacted Rahul Gandhi for his comments. He said, “People in India are misguided. No one is as sharp as him. No one wants to use their heads. People are totally free to make issues out of nothing. This is sad. Being idle is poison. His party has been ruling for around 60 years, a rich democracy like India. Recently an article in HuffPo pointed out that my mother is the sixth richest politician in the world. Then why so much fuss about just a simple $995 jacket. I can invite you to check my wardrobe. I have an entire dedicated room only for such jackets.”

Our reporter further asked, “Sir what do you do with so many expensive jackets?” He replied, “Donate. Charity.Every year I shortlist 10% of these and give it to the poor people on the roads of Delhi. But I never do a photo-op so no one comes to know.” Our reporter then asked, “But sir then why did you say you borrowed the jacket from a friend?” Rahul “…” Reporter “..” Rahul “…” Reporter “..” Rahul “…” Reporter “..” *2 mins 32 seconds later* Reporter “Sir answer!!!” Rahul,” last night my mother came into my room. She said power is poison. So anytime you find yourself in trouble blame one of your Pidis errr I need dogs and other faithful servants like driver doodhwala newspaperwala Gardener etc.” Reporter, “Huh. Sir are you trying to say this jacket belongs to those guys instead of you or your friends?” Rahul,” Lol. What a joke. You guys are becoming competitive now with me. Anyway it’s obviously mine. But when I said ‘borrowed’ I meant the torn kurta not the jacket. During my Rishikesh speech I quickly remembered our Ramdas Bhaiya, he washes dishes in our house and I had not given him salary since 5-6 years. So I took it he must be definitely having some torn clothes and that’s why I borrowed it from him to give a more realistic feel to my antics. I feel whatever you do, give it your 100%.”

Reporter, “But sir how did you end up saying you borrowed the jacket?” Rahul, “Yes about that. I want to blame Mani Uncle and Shashi for that. They were prompting from behind with hand signals and I got confused. So today, I want to take this opportunity, via your esteemed media house that I had borrowed the torn Kurta not the Burberry Jacket. I am personally hurt that people think I can’t afford a simple Burberry Jacket. My own people went to the heights of saying its available for as cheap as Rs 700 and that’s what I was wearing. I mean come on Really. What have I done to deserve such an insult to my status. I request everyone to please understand, give my family and me some space during these difficult times. Thank you. And also Women Empowerment.”

Many Congress spokepersons claimed this hit job by BJP is to make a dent on Rahul’s growing popular image. We hereby wish that may God bless him and give him strength to get through the bloody years to come 2018&2019.