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Rahul Gandhi is so “empowering” that we use him to charge our phones: Youth Congress leaders

03, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: Independent conversations with Youth Congress leaders, including Haseeba Ameen (the woman appearing in Rahul Gandhi’s campaign ads) have revealed that the organization has begun using his abilities for non-political things as well.

Rahul baba
Electric smile

Apparently, Rahul Gandhi has become so empowering that his body has begun generating electricity as well.

“Rahulji is a Gandhi 2.0 version- a hardware update that not only speaks of empowerment but gives you empowerment, or sometimes electric shocks, as soon as he touches you,” Ameen said. “Most of us now use him to charge our mobile phones as well. In fact, his own Blackberry never loses battery life as it is in constant contact with him.”

When asked about what was the modus operandi behind Mr. Gandhi generating electricity, another Congress worker said, on condition of anonymity, “We just have to ask him a question he does not know the answer to and his brain releases electric signals which begin empowering everybody or everything he comes in contact with.”

“In fact after coming back from Arnab Goswami’s interview, Rahulji was so empowering that we used him to generate a day’s electricity for our headquarters in Lutyens Delhi,” the man added.