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Rahul Gandhi is Considering Dropping out Congress University of Politics

08, Apr 2015 By jjzein

New Delhi: Indian National Congress Party, which claim to be the oldest political party of India, member and vice president Mr. Rahul Gandhi is considering to dropping out Congress University of Politics.

Rahul Gandhi sleeping in the ongoing class, at Congress University of Politics
Rahul Gandhi sleeping in an ongoing class, at Congress University of Politics

According to our secret sources Rahul baba is inspired by Mark Zuckerberg and both people have many similarities. Mark got attention at the single night from Harvard Network crashing. Rahul baba got attention from a single year in which Congress party could not win a single election under his leadership. By walking the path of Facebook founder, he is secretly working on his new venture. It will reveal out at the same time when Rahul Baba comes back to India.

Senior and reliable congress spoke person Mr. Salman Khurshid denies allegation and said,“There are rumor roaming around the nation that Rahul baba has gone. But truth is he will come with achievement that the world will watch”.

On condition to not reveal his name, Rahul Baba said to him, another congress member said “there is no shame to inspire or follow his 15 years younger junior, Mark Zuckerberg”. He was kept complaining that the methodology of the university which does not allow him to take innovative footsteps. This will give him the freedom to perform without any of consent.