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Rahul Gandhi is Arvind Kejriwal like Bruce Wayne is Batman: UK detective

16, Jan 2014 By agreatstar

A UK based detective has revealed on condition of anonymity that Arvind Kejriwal is actually Rahul Gandhi under a superhero mask.


To corroborate his statement, he points to the fact that Arvindji and Rahulji have never been spotted in news together. Its always that one appears when the other is gone.

“Why has there never been an open debate between Arvindji and Rahulji? Because they are not two separate people. Its the same person putting on a mask to lead people to believe that a moustached saviour has appeared for their salvation. My suspicion arose when I noticed the uncanny similarity in their iris pattern and pupil dilation when asked a question,” said the detective.

“When I began investigating I came across some shocking facts. The reason Rahul Gandhi’s educational institute is under question is because he was attending IIT Kharagpur as Kejriwal. The three year difference in their age reflects the fact that Rahul Gandhi appeared for JEE thrice before passing it. It is then that he discovered the Superhero within and adopted a new name that is ‘Kejriwal’.”

This is the same detective who had previously this year unveiled the secret of Micromax being funded by Apple to do away with Samsung.

Within hours of the news making rounds on social media, many people have come out with some perplexing facts.

One of the Ambedkar Nagar residents claimed that Congress supporters in his area were actually canvassing for Aam Aadmi Party during election period.

Also it was alleged that few of the facebook fan pages of Congress party had Arvindji’s photo as their cover picture. It is also said that Kejriwal has rejected to contest Lok Sabha elections because he will already be contesting as Rahul Gandhi from Amethi.

Meanwhile, congress spokesperson has denied all the allegations accusing the detective of indulging in dirty politics.