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Rahul Gandhi inspires party workers to learn from Chota Bheem

24, May 2014 By shifu

The congress vice president held a meeting in 10 Janpath on 20th May to discuss on the current loss in Lok sabha election. While blaming the party workers, media and China for the debacle, he was upbeat by his win in Amethi.

Rahul Gandhi admitted in front of camera that it was Chota Bheem who inspired him to win the election by a landslide. Rahul Gandhi was nostalgic as he told the party workers that Chota Bheem is about a 9-year old boy who is brave, strong and intelligent. He also added that he was touched by Chota Bheem and absorbed his most striking character of just being a 9 year old boy. While talking to media person, he told “It is inspiring to see chota Bheem’s empowerment. Politicians can be brave , strong and intelligent (sarcastically pointing to Mr. Narendra Modi) but it is difficult to behave like a 9-year old boy.”

Rahul Gandhi
Please learn from Chhota Bheem

He thanked Sanjay Jha and CR Kesavan for their immense help in training him to behave like a 9-year old boy. Talking about his transition he told the media person, it was difficult when Sonia Gandhi decided to remove POGO from cable subscription. But what he thought was a curse was actually a blessing in disguise. Rahul Gandhi with an emotional voice told media person that, “I was shattered and hid under the table for three days but during this experience, I truly understood women empowerment, when mom introduced me to Sanjay Jha and CR Kesavan. I saw Jaggu Bandar and mighty Raju in them.”

Rahul wants every mother should be able to do this for their kids therefore I still stand by women empowerment for that.

Talking about his practice session, Rahul Gandhi told Sanjay and CR Kesavan used to watch every episode of Chota Bheem. Sanjay Jha took some important notes from the series and tried to impose those on Rahul Gandhi. The first success he achieved was when he was invited for an interview with Arnab Goswami. Rahul Gandhi said, “It was the first time when people saw chota Bheem in me. I was every mother’s dream son except for my own.” He further added, “After my success in that interview, Sanjay Jha and CR Kesavan did not stood far and we saw their might and rant on different television channels.”

Rahul Gandhi promised the workers to arrange special screening of episodes that he has missed. He also added that Sanjay Jha and CR Kesvan will me mentoring young workers to be like Chota Bheem. He also told that things are already in motion to name the congress youth wing to CBSS -Chota Bheem Swayam Sewak. Rahul Gandhi ended the discussion by declaring the next election’s moto “Desh ke chot ko karega theek, ek his cream, Chota Bheem,Chota Bheem,Chota Bheem.”