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Rahul Gandhi: I am Amul boy, Modi can’t sell milk in DU

06, Feb 2013 By Ishan Bhatkoti

NEW DELHI: Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s visit to SRCC created a lot of excitement among DU students and many others but for Congress’ Vice President Rahul Gandhi it was journey back in time.

He was reminded of the glorious college days spent in Delhi University and told reporters that he again wants to go back to college and do things all over again.

“I am a Stephanian and after Modi went to SRCC, I to want to go. I so badly miss Kamla Nagar and roaming on its streets. Lectures are boring as long as you are not giving them. So be it professors or Modi, they are meant to be bunked,” Rahul Gandhi said.

He also added, “As far as milk and Amul are concerned, I am the Amul Boy and whatever sales and happening it’s because of me that means Congress. So, ideally BJP shoudn’t be milking what belongs to Congress.”

Upon asking why his every speech is dramatic, Rahul Gandhi replied, “I am a true Gemini. Where on one hand I prefer royal treatment on the other hand I stay with farmers and try to do a lot of things which non-Amul boys do. My emotions sit on extremes…I kinda love drama.”

Rahul Gandhi plans to visit his college sometime during March to collect his first-year marksheet. However, the plans of his visit have been kept secret due to security reasons. Rahul is also expected to take an IQ test before 2014 General elections.