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Rahul Gandhi got nervous at polling booth, could not recall the symbol of pressed button

06, Dec 2013 By Manish Aneja

New Delhi: This electoral season has given lots of headache to Rahul Gandhi and his party mainly in the form of lower turnout at rallies, Modi phobia and opinion poll figures. Even Rahul never expected that he will continue to suffer the pain till the last day of elections.

In the view of Delhi elections on the next day i.e. Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi was upset since last night and prayed to secularist almighty for his well being when he casts his vote, the next morning. He was so anxious that he had to pray to Lord Hanuman to give him strength, even ignoring the feeling of self disgust for being communal. Later he managed to assuage himself by thinking that Tuesday is Lord Hanuman’s day, and there is no harm in chanting his name. Later he damned his ‘thinking’ too.

“Today was the first day when he touched my feet and sought my blessings, so that he does not feel nervous, said Sonia Gandhi with wet eyes. But even I did not know how to give blessings, I failed in doing so, therefore he failed to maintain his conscience in polling booth,” said the worried mom.

After coming out of poll booth, Rahul took an initiative of taking jibe at himself to discourage others taking jibe at him and said: Today being the polling day, I was nervous as a 10th class guy going to sit in his lifetime’s first board examination.

Before today, I have been little nervous on the days of my examinations only in which I always did my best bad, but due to Mumma’s support and source I always got enough marks to get passed.

Today I was nervous like never before, I went to polling booth with the determination that I will cast my vote to my Sheila aunty only. As I entered the booth using VIP quota, those queuing Aam-aadmi(poor people) started staring at me and whispered something in each other’s ears. Failing to receive possible abusive incentives in bulk, I lost my conscience, which button then I pushed, I do not remember at all.

My chest is still dinging like a Punjabi dhol, said Rahul in a baby sobbing voice.

Disclaimer: Faking News does not guarantee if Rahul ever sat in exams to feel the genuine nervosity of a common-middle class student.

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